The Blackwood Valley region is fast gaining a well-deserved reputation for top class wine. In the midst of lush green pastures, rolling hills and towering forests are hidden 50 picturesque vineyards and 19 unique wineries. Our vineyards cover an area of over 450 hectares and flourish in deep gravel duplex soils, strong loams and ideal climatic conditions. These produce wines with distinctive fruit driven flavours and aromas. Cabernet and Shiraz varieties grown in the region are characterised by strong fruit flavours with earthy undertones, while fruit and honey flavours denote the white wine varieties being produced.

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Wineries in the Blackwood Valley tend to be smaller, more boutique. One of the advantages of this is the sure knowledge that behind every wine is a truly committed and passionate winemaker, who will usually be delighted to talk to you in person about their craft. Their enthusiasm is certainly well reflected in the outstanding quality of local wine.

While you are visiting Taste of the Blackwood, you can not only enjoy free tastings of award winning wines, but will also have the opportunity to learn the stories of the vine and wine directly from the owners and talented winemakers in this remarkable wine country.